Ognyan Mladenov

Ognian Mladenov

SEO specialist, SEOM

Ognian Mladenov

SEO is one of the leading traffic sources. One of the best practices is to have integrated rich snippets, ratings and reviews, FBC GSI moderation and so on.

Ognyan Mladenov is the founder and owner of SEOM.bg, Internet Marketing company specializing in
high quality SEO services, courses, corporate training and consulting. His clients include the majority of successful brands. Conducts courses for SEO to SEO Academy.

One of the organizers of an SEO conference in Bulgaria and frequent speaker at many events in IT Sector in Bulgaria.
Repeatedly participated in various competitions SEO often with excellent results. Continuously monitors global and local
SEO trends as the algorithms of search engines are constantly changing.

At eCommCongress Ognyan will provide clarity on how to build a good foundation for SEO for online stores, so their owners can enjoy good organic traffic.