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02 Oct 2017

Consumer experiences and customer contact points – lecture by Dimitar Savov

Startup Masters marketing manager Dimitar Savov tells how many places you can engage your customers, how to show them your ad at the right moment, and so on. User experiences can vary from contact points to your brand or product.

02 Oct 2017

Facebook Marketing for Online Merchants – lecture by Peter Dyakov

Peter Dyaxov shares how Facebook marketing and remarketing, audience creation, and proper targeting can be useful to us. This way, customers are exposed at the right time in the right place using the power of social media and Facebook business particular.

02 Oct 2017

Google shopping opportunities for sale on the markets – lecture by Alex Bozhinov

Alex Bozhinov shares trends for online merchants in the coming year. What can Google Shopping bring us and how we can sell it abroad.

02 Oct 2017

Google AdWords re-marketing for online retailers – lecture by Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar Dimitrov from Inbound.bg shares good practices for Google Adwords marketing and remarketing. How you can benefit from the Google ad network, what formats you can use, how to find out what your customer is interested in, etc.

02 Oct 2017

Inhouse development for more online sales – lecture by Velizar Velichkov

Velizar Velichkov – Grabo.bg’s commercial director shares how small changes on the site, adding new automated functionalities, and conversations with customers can increase the revenue of the online store. How Cash Back is used, how customers engage with e-mail or Push notifications.

02 Oct 2017

Price strategies for online stores – lecture by Boril Bogoev

Boril Bogoev an e-commerce and digital marketing consultant, shares how you can present the price in an attractive way so that the ordering process is less stressful and more attractive. Impact of font, percentage discounts, and so on. Make an offer that your clients can’t refuse.

02 Oct 2017

How to sell pharmaceutical products in USA – lecture by Borislav Arapchev

Borislav Arapchev shares good practices with online drug retailers in the United States. How to build a reputation in this niche, good mobile optimization, and more. Be a small Wikipedia in your industry. Text, photos, videos are positive.

02 Oct 2017

How to optimise the checkout process and make more money in your e-shop – lecture by Liviu Taloi

Liviu Taloi tells you how you can optimize the order process, thanks to the page, the user basket content page, and more. He also tested several Bulgarian online stores and advised them how to be better optimized for their customers.

02 Oct 2017

How to make one time shoppers to recurring shoppers with retantion marketing – lecture by Petar Tsatshev

Petar Tsatshev – business development in Metrilo. What is the consumer path, what are the different user groups that can be identified and how to sell again and again to them. Customer experience, re-marketing, data driven decisions and more automation.

22 May 2017

E-shop site speed and the price – lecture by Sava Sertov

Sava Sertov is a Performance Specialist in eCommerce. His presentation covers the speed of the site – what is fast and what is slow, how to hurry your online store, and what is the tendency to optimize content delivery in the online store.