What is eCommCongress

The congress

Hello and welcome to the eCommCongress blog!

eCommCongress is the first-ever e-commerce congress for e-commerce in Bulgaria. Our goal is to raise the overall level in the industry, to show good practices and services in e-commerce. To show potential customers that online orders do not bite, save time, and are safe, and retailers that online stores can make money as long as they are given the proper attention and care.

The speakers

We can not hide our pride that eCommCongress lecturers are some of the most influential, successful and sought-after professionals. They agreed to share their knowledge and experience with anyone wanting to do business online. Their know-how and networking capabilities make eCommCongress such an exciting event in every aspect. When good practices are shared and followed, the overall level is rising.

The expo

The accompanying eCommCongress presentation is also the first of its kind. Through it, businesses and online service providers will meet with everyone who wants to do business. You can get acquainted with them, discuss opportunities for future business ventures, or just ask them a question about an interesting topic. They will be there to help you. Why miss them?

The team

Our modest but cohesive team keeps quality, service and realization. We are fully committed to the idea and cause behind eCommCongress! It is precisely because e-commerce is a turbulent subject that we have decided that such an event is missing in Bulgaria, and it has to happen. In case you want to help us in organizing the event, you can contact us.

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