What happened at eCommHackathon

Wow! With this we can sum up the first eCommacketon. 20 contestants participated, 6 ideas were presented, and 5 work continued after the formation of the teams. The competition is organized with the support of Isobar Commerce and DHL Express.

What happened at the event?

November 24 at 6:30 pm we found with greetings from Lyubomir Cholakov – Managing Director of Isobar Commerce Bulgaria and Lyubomir Stoyanov – Manager of EventsBakery. The scholars have come to know the form, the mentors and the jury. They were familiar with the location of the great office of Isobar and the upcoming menu. Then began the presentation of the ideas.

    • Sport, virtual avatar assistant.

  • Ship.bg – as Uber-a of supplies said. The idea is to be able to spend money in your spare time by taking shipment and leaving it to nearby addresses.

  • BGBox – a platform to buy pre-defined boxes full of sample products at half price in exchange for a review of the products themselves.

  • Configurator for sophisticated product configurations that optimizes the process to 7 basic steps.

  • Blockchain smart contract technology to remove paper documents and optimize logistics service time between different courier companies.

  • Afilian – a tool to improve the traceability of affiliate campaigns by bloggers / media and Amazon shoppers.

Everyone ate delicious lasagna bolognese or lasagna with spinach and cheese. There followed the distribution of the individual rooms for the teams and the work on the ideas.

November 25 began with a nutritious breakfast of hot croissants with butter, aragon and berries. It was provided by our friends at Paysera. As you can see, even Darth Vader was unable to resist her.

The teams already had names and were visited by mentors Inna Boyadjieva (BBU), Ivo Georgiev (DHL Express), Kostadin Bashev (Webcode), Lyubomir Cholakov (Isobar), Teodor Dimitrov (Amber). The work was running with full force focused on brainstorming around the main ideas, methods for their validation and searching for a potential market.

Lunch arrived at 13 o’clock. Chicken bits with steamed potatoes or vegetable paste. We do not have to say that everything has disappeared quickly. At 14h. Redbull’s girls from Redwood, who gave wing to the teams, came here.


Once again, the teams continued work. At one point a bitter dispute broke out. In one corner were Bashev and Cholakov in another – BG Box team. Everything was in the name of improving the business model of the team. It turned out to be useful because mathematics was found to have radically different numbers, and when you start and search for money, investors would like to hear figures backed by arguments.


Around 18 o’clock. one of the teams decided to make a sharp turn and abandoned their initial idea of Blockchain smart contracts. We do not say this time that Bashev is guilty, but even Ivo and Yavor from DHL Express have failed to help the team find the value in the idea that they offer a logistics or buyer to pay for their service.


Alexa saved the day. The pivot was a service idea allowing visually impaired people to shop from more online stores, not just from Amazon. The team intends to make APIs and extensions to modern platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop and others.

Little by little it was time for dinner. 2 teams stayed behind and then worked. About 22:30 also came Marian Ignev (Sashi.do), who checked the other two teams what they did and where they were.

The two Amber mattresses came into use that night.


November 26 was „The Day“. Breakfast with cheese and apple pie in combination with boza was great. The teams breakfast and work. Mentors also appeared. The main focus was the business section and the preparation for presentations to the jury. After lunch, Inna presented a great presentation about how to present an idea to a potential investor. The next time we promise to record this extremely useful material.


It was 6:30PM. Mentors joined the other jury members, Ivailo Hristov (Dev.bg), Bakersway and Launchub ventures. We slightly discussed the forthcoming conference StartUP X and the ecosystem at the moment.


The draw determined the order of the presentations and the teams presented their progress in the past three days. All the presentations were interesting and within the specified 4 minutes. The jury asked a lot of questions and then retired to give its assessments.


And we came to the moment we announced the winner: Interactive Supermarket. They also received the Google Home mini award.


For us it remains to thank all the participants! The great mentors – Inna, Marian, Kostadin, Ivo, Yavor, Lubo, Teodor, the respected jury in Lubo, Ivaylo, Rumen and Ludmil and the sponsorsIsobar Commerce, DHL Express, Paysera and partners Zagorka, Livity, Amber, Birlibam, Inbound.bg and Redbull.

Everyone was great and we hope to organize the next eCommHackathon soon!

PS: The super cool photos are done by Hristo Hristo Photography and you can move into the atmosphere of a hackathon in the album here

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