Tips how to monetise abandoned carts and make money

Did you know that you can sell about 30% of unfinished orders in your online store? Did you know that the process can be automated and save you operational time? A simple example – if the average value of one order is 50BGN and you make 10 orders a week and you can make three more orders a week, you can get an extra 7800 per year.
(50x3x52 = 7800). Sounds interesting right? Then the following lines are right for you.

We assume that everyone has come across the data that a lot of orders in online stores have not been completed. This may be due to many factors (design, usability, hidden conditions, insufficient information, etc.), but it is in the interest of each trader that their number be reduced. Large part of the online trading software has an option for tracking abandoned baskets, and that’s the trick that traders can use when it’s needed. How this happens technically is not the subject of this article – there are some specialists you can ask.

In the following rows, we will look at various optimization options process and income generation from abandoned orders. To minimize the percentage of abandoned baskets, we recommend that you run the following checklist:

  • Make sure you have nice and clear pictures of the product you are selling (this article is helpful on the subject);
  • Make sure you highlight all the positive qualities of the product;
  • Make sure you have declared and clearly and clearly indicate any additional charges that may be charged
    during shopping (for example, delivery amount, tax, etc.);
  • Make sure your shopping is secure (you are a member of an association, you have an extended claim deadline, partner with big suppliers, etc.);
  • Make the order and the required personal data as simple as possible, (even order only by e-mail and phone is sufficient, then your employee may request the delivery data further). Another variation of this step is to offer sign-up with a social networking account;
  • Suggest maximum number of payment channels
  • After completing this list, you can test within one month and see the result – in all cases it is positive.

Of course, it will always happen that somebody will not complete their order and leave products added in a basket – he has a desire to buy them, but for some reason has given up. A move on the move is the option to track abandoned baskets / carts (or as the option to add products to a shopping list is called in the software). Once the shopping cart / cart is abandoned you can do a few things.

Here, the important thing is that you need to know which client leaves it (there is a left e-mail or a contact phone or you can somehow identify it):

  • When you know the e-mail address of the user who has abandoned the shopping cart, you can send a reminder email that he has left his shopping cart within 24 hours of leaving your online store. In two days, you can send a remind email that purchases will be sent as soon as the consumer pays them. If this email fails, you can also send a third personalized e-mail with a discount coupon if the order finalizes the next 24 hours.
  • When you have a dial-up phone, you can call and remind yourself of the incomplete order. Be polite and courteous, offer a small gift to your already-ordered order, or apply the promo code with the promo code that expires in the next 24 hours.

Data on a global scale indicates that traders who track abandoned baskets are more successful and have higher incomes than their online stores. Perhaps it will distinguish you from the competition, and perhaps she already uses this technique and accumulates more money?

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