Tips for Cyber monday

Black Friday quickly turned into one of the busiest shopping days in Bulgaria, following the example of the larger US market. Cyber Monday also started to become more and more popular as a shopping event. But the two dates may also require different marketing approach.

The main differences between the Black Friday marketing and Cyber Monday marketing

There are few major ways in which Cyber Monday differs from Black Friday. The first and most known difference is that Black Friday has a longer history than Cyber Monday. Its history dates back to the times when there were no internet and people had to go on a line in front of the stores in order to buy something. Years later the internet made it possible for the people to shop online and that’s how Cyber Monday emerged as an opportunity for even more shoppers to join the post Thanksgiving shopping experience.

The demographics of the average Black Friday shopper capture mainly females, probably living with parents – students, young professionals, who are more likely to spend money for good deals due to their limited budget. The demographic data is based on the US market, but it wouldn’t be far from the truth to make a similar projection for the Bulgarian market as well. The average shopper doesn’t excludes other shoppers from the numbers – there are also males and older people who shop on Black Friday.

The Cyber Monday demographics are slightly different – the female shoppers dominate too, but their lifestyle differs. The Cyber Monday average shopper is above 30 years old, working and living in own home. The entirely digital nature of Cyber Monday explains the difference in the lifestyle of the average shopper.

Marketing tips for Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

  1.    If you have to choose between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, choose Cyber Monday


The numbers on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are growing every year. But the online stores usually mark more sales on Cyber Monday. That’s why many ecommerce merchants who have limited resources for marketing are choosing to focus on Cyber Monday. In Bulgaria there are also ecommerce merchants who are campaigning only for Cyber Monday. However, if done right, Cyber Monday may be a success for your online store.

  1.    Offer free delivery and advertise this offer for Cyber Monday

A big part of the buyers are influenced in their decision making process by the free delivery. Of course, there are many online stores that offer this option, but you can stand out by promoting it on your Cyber Monday campaign. Other idea worth considering is offering bonus gift for orders above certain limit. For example some merchants are giving free shopping bags – wonderful and accessible way to give your clients good shopping experience and make them come back even after Cyber Monday.

  1.    Make social media advertising campaigns based on geographic region / city

Those who are more experienced in digital marketing should know that the ads on facebook must be tested and geographically targeted. If you publish one ad for all of the internet users in Bulgaria, you may find yourself spending money for nothing. Make a small research about which regions are more active on social media and then make up ads that would be suitable for them.


  1.    Don’t focus on attracting new clients, focus on the existing ones

Of course, it’s good for you to have a strategy for attracting new clients, but the incomes in an online store on days like Cyber Monday must not be depending on new clients. It’s important to target your existing clients. Consider the launch of email campaign for your existing consumers. It’s highly possible they’ll need a reminder for your Cyber Monday / Black Friday offers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are different in certain aspects and same in another. That’s why the best you can do is apply separate marketing efforts for the both events.

Those tips were shared by RAZ.bg – ecommerce platform. If you’d like to share your tips with our audience, contact us at info [at] ecommcongress.com .

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