The mobile app presents the most important information

Which is better for satisfied customers – a responsive design of an online store or mobile app? We did this interview with Dimitar Kostov, Junior iOS Developer at 158 Ltd. to lift the curtain over this question.
More and more people use their mobile phones while traveling. It’s already commonplace and shopping through them. To what extent can the design and usability of the online store affect the small screen purchase decision?

Yes, mobile phones and internet shopping have entered and are increasingly entering the life of the average consumer. The intuitiveness and responsiveness of a web site itself contributes to the trust the user acquires by using it. It also makes it easier for users to „pay a few clicks“ to pay bills, purchase a product or order a service.

What is a responsive design? What’s different from a mobile app?

A design is responsive or intimate when, after the first few minutes of working with it, the user is already aware of what he is doing and how the system is working on his needs.

What is a better responsive design or mobile app?

I do not think the two things can be compared, a mobile app can never be as functional as a well-built web site. The mobile app presents the most important information that is minimal for the user to use the services of the system.

What is the trend currently in the world? Is there something innovative and interesting?

Sharing information, learning each other, I think that is the fashion at least in Bulgaria. Daily courses are many, including free ones, conferences on a topic, workshops, and so on. As far as the fashion in information technology, I do not think that in the information technologies word fashion fits. Things are changing with days, hours, you can always invent something more intricate, more convenient, more innovative.

What would you like for our readers?

Be more open and trustworthy to everything innovative. Somewhere there are specialists who work hard for your security and convenience.

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