Key advantages of online store instead offline

How many vendors around the world have physical stores?

Too many to have accurate statistics for that. More importantly, however, technology is developing at a rapid pace, communication devices are more accessible, and Internet access is not only a service to the rich. Consequently, building and maintaining an online store is not that difficult.

If you already have:

  • suppliers of goods and established partnership contracts;
  • keep inventory available (and logistics companies are making it much easier);
  • you are registered as a trader and pay taxes, insurance and salaries;
  • you have a team of traders and / or sales representatives built up;

Why not reach more customers and increase your profits? The fact is that Bulgarian consumers have already realized that online sales do not bite, save time, and sometimes money. Yes, sometimes they do not get exactly what they wanted, but does not this happen in traditional shopping?

An increasing proportion of consumers shop online. Why not sell your goods if those people for one reason or another have not entered your physical store (for example: your store is in Sofia and why not sell to someone who lives in Varna)?

On the other hand, the online store has practically no working time. The reservations can happen in any part of the day, regardless of holidays, weather conditions, etc. Also, the maintenance cost is negligible against the background of the rent that is paid for storage. Against a very affordable amount, your store may be online 24/7/365.

After creating an online store (at its very start), the resource needed for servicing will not be a burden. In most cases, one or two employees can handle online orders (tracking, packing, and shipping). Of course, when orders grow, you will also need to increase the team that takes care of the online store.

But this will be in direct dependence on increased profits.

To summarize the benefits of having an online store if you already have a physical one:

  • sell to more people wherever they live;
  • sell to more people no matter what part of the day, week, year they want / can shop;
  • sell more people with the same number of employees, but without paying extra rents. In short: you earn more!

With the right attitude, quality products, fast delivery and honesty you can increase your customers.

They are already online, and you?

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