Therms and conditions

General terms and conditions for participation in events organised by Slides.BG ltd.

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between “Slides.BG "Ltd. on the one hand, and participants in events organised by the company, on the other

1. Basic terms:

At the interpretation and application of these Terms, following meaning shall apply:

Organizer: “Slides.BG "Ltd, with its address at: 45 Khan Asparuh str. Sofia, ID number: 201974866.

Participant: Any physical or legal entity that fills in the participation registration form, which is displayed on the eCommCongress website.

Website: Congress website can be found at: http://ecommcongress.com and on it the participants shall be able to obtain all the information regarding the event, shall be able to make his/her on-line registration and shall be able to follow all the congress news.

Commission for Personal Data Protection.
City of Sofia, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., phone: 02 9153 518, e-mail: kzld@cpdp.bg, web address: www.cpdp.bg

Commission for Consumer Protection.
City of Sofia, Slaveykov Square 4A, 3rd floor, 4 and 6 tel .: +359 2 980 25 24 fax: +359 2 988 42 18 hotline: 0700 111 22, web address: www.kzp.bg

2. On-line registration:

Congress registration form is available on-line at: http://ecommcongress.com/shop/.

The Organizer shall not register participants who have entered wrong, false or insufficient data.

The Organizer shall unilaterally terminate the contract with any Participants, who regularly fill in incorrect or inaccurate registration data.

3. Registration types

Any Participant fills in on-line registration form. Then the Participant shall receive confirmation e-mail, that the registration form is successfully submitted, the data is dully processed and about the payment types available. When the registration fee is paid, the Participant shall receive confirmation e-mail, that the registration is successfully complete.

The Organizer shall not be liable if the participant e-mail address is incorrect.

In cases where participants have not received confirmation their data is being processed or confirmation e-mail for successfully completed registration they should contact the Organizer by one of the means described at http://ecommcongress.com/contacts/.

4. Registration fees

All the fees for the event are final, with VAT excluded and are not subject to any change.

Registration is considered complete only after payment confirmation. Payment is to be made up until 2 days after the registration.

5. Methods of payment:

Any Participant may pay their registration by:

  • Cash: by EasyPay cash desk with special unique code;
  • Online via e-pay.bg portal;
  • Credit/Debit card via V-pay ATM;
  • Credit/Debit card via Paysera.bg gateway;
  • Online banking of SGE, Allianz, UBB, PostBank,UniCredit Bulbank via Paysera.bg gateway.

6. Vauchers:

During the events participants can get vouchers for various services or discounts. They can not be exchanged against their monetary value.  Conditions of use and the expiry date shall be mentioned on the voucher.

7. Personal data protection:

"Slides.BG" Ltd. is registered as a Personal Data Controller in the Commission for Protection of personal data Ent. No: 411,235 and strictly complies with the rules described in the "Law on Protection of Personal Data”.

Each participant agrees to be recorded by photographers authorized by the Organizer during the events and allows their photos/videos to be used for marketing purposes. The video content remain property of "Slides.BG" Ltd.

The Organizer reserves the right to use personal data collected through various registration forms for marketing purposes.

8. Copyright:

During the eCommCongress participants shall receive pre-prepared materials, with their copyright settled within the meaning of the "Law on Copyright and Related Rights".

Participants shall have the right to share in social networks, blogs and media information associated with the event in digital format. The duration of video or audio recordings must not exceed 5 min. and the speakers need to consent for their use.

9. Inability to attend:

If unable to attend, the participant must contact the Organizer by one of the means available at http://ecommcongress.com/contacts/, but not later than tree working days prior to the congress. The participant shall have the opportunity to choose whether to provide his/her registration to another participant or to be reimbursed at 100%.

Failiure to attend of groups of two or more participants shall result in reimbursement of 30% of the group registration, but not more.

10. Simultaneous translation:

No simultaneous or other kind of translation is foreseen at the events organized by the Organizer. Foreign lecturers present their presentations in English. Lecturers from Bulgaria present their presentations in Bulgarian. The participant agrees with this point and can not claim unaccountability under point 11.

11. Warranty terms:

In the event of dissatisfaction, the Participant shall contact the Organizer by one of the means available at http://ecommcongress.com/contacts/, not later than three working days after the date of the eCommCongress and to assert his/her dissatisfaction claims. If the claims are legitimate, registration fee paid shall be reimbursed at 100%.

Reimbursement of the registration fees due to the dissatisfaction of groups of two or more participants shall be at 100% but not more, regardless of the number of the individual Participants in the group.

12. Event postponement or cancellation:

If there are reasons and causes the event to be postponed and/or canceled, the Organizer shall promptly notify participants.

The Organizer shall provide a new date for the event, but not later than 6 calendar months from the date of the congress itself.

In case of the event cancellation, the Organizer shall reimburse registration fees to the participants within 14 working days after the date of cancellation.

The reimbursed fees shall be 100% of the registration fees paid.

13. Speaker replacement:

Due to events beyond the control of the Organizer it is possible that one or more of the speakers can not conduct training on the date selected by the Organizer. If such case arise, the Organizer shall find another speaker of the same class and having knowledge in the same field in order to replace the absent.

Organizer shall assume no responsibility for lost profits in case of absence of one of the speakers.

14. Health status:

Each Participant is responsible for monitoring and maintaining his / her health during participation in events organized by the Organizer. The Organizer is not responsible for any health problems or complications during the events organized by him as well as for experienced discomfort as a result of consumed foods and beverages by the Participant.

15. Delivery of books on paper:

All paper editions in the eCommCongress library are free of charge to a branch of Bulgarian post offices located on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The nearest branch can be found at this address. The participant receives a tracking code that lets you understand the delivery date of the branch. Delivery takes 1 day for delivery to a regional city and 3 to 5 days for remote settlements.

16. Refusal and return of books on paper:

The paper copies are subject to return in undamaged commercial form by the User having the quality of a user within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act without an objective reason for complaint within 14 days under Article 55 of the CPA, costs are the responsibility of the Participant. For this purpose, the Participant must contact the team of Slides.BG Ltd. in one of the ways described in the contact form http://ecommcongress.com/contact or complete the withdrawal form and send it electronically to info@ecommcongress.com . Repayment of the amount paid will be made within 14 days from the date of termination of the contract for distance sale by the Participant.

Pursuant to Art. 13 of the CPA on digital content, which is not supplied on a physical medium, the right of withdrawal does not apply.

17. Party:

Closing party shall be held at a certain place at a predetermined time. Organizer shall accept no cost for participation in the party by the individual participants.  Consummation shall be at anybody’s own expense and each participant shall pay his/her own bill to the restaurant staff. Organizer shall assume no responsibility for any damages occurred in the case of excessive use of alcohol or other stimulants.

18. Others

Organizer shall assume no responsibility in the event of financial and/or legal damage and injuries to any of the participants during the eCommCongress.

Each participant shall strictly guard his/her personal belongings during the event. Organizer shall assume no responsibility for loss, theft and/or damage to the participants’ personal belongings.

Organizer assumes no responsibility for reimbursement of already paid registration fees in any event of force majeure such as, but not limited to: earthquakes, natural disasters, war, threats of terrorist act and other circumstances arising from causes beyond the control of the Organizer which hinder the conduct of the Congress.

The Organizer assumes no responsibility for lost profits in the case of postponement of the event.

19: Changes: The Organizer has the right to revise these terms and conditions, therefore is obliged to dully notify participants within 3 working days of any change in General Terms.

These General Terms were adopted by resolution of the Board of "Slides.BG" Ltd. with effect from January 23, 2018.