Retail and Ecommerce Innovation Ideas to Support at eCommHackathon 2017

eCommHackathon is coming in 2 weeks and we are so excited about it! Today we speak with Lyubomir Cholakov – General manager of Isobar commerce Bulgaria to share with us what ideas can be embraced to the event.

– Hi, Lyubo! It’s great that you support us. Can you tell us about your mood?

– I am excited to be part of the team to organize the first ecommerce hackathon on Bulgaria supported by Isobar Commerce and DHL. We’ll make sure you have a creative space, driven mentors and technology gadgets at your disposal to amaze us all.

– But wait, what about the innovation ideas defining the future of retail these days?

We all have heard smart mirrors, chatbots, voice assistants, VR, robots and drones used by retailers globally. And then, the million dollar question – how do all these digital developments improve the customer experience, build loyalty and increase revenues for retailer. This is what we would expect you to ideate, design and demo to your peers and the participating retailers.

What categories is interesting to innovate?

– We will be looking to support innovations in various categories, including:

  • Delivery – if 60 min delivery is achievable in London, how can we make it work in a Bulgarian city or how do you deliver in a single package the single products I purchase at various specialized stores, being it a cheese, bread, wine or meat store?
  • In-store experience – think of computer vision, facial recognition, geo-fencing and the likes
  • Mobile ecommerce – what might be new mobile interfaces that would make shopping on the go seamless?
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality – we at Isobar have developed a virtual showroom for Fiat which makes it easier for prospective buyers to “be” in the vehicle and experience it; we see Ikea progressing with their AR product placement app. What would you suggest in this area?
  • Personalization – even individualization is one of the key improvements in the customer experience in the last few years, from being able to inscribe the names of your kids on your sneakers to ordering “design-your-own” diamond ring. Surprise us.
Isobar Commerce, DHL and eCommCongress will do our best to nurture and present your ideas to retailers in Bulgaria but also to some of the global ecommerce power players like Walmart, Adidas, Clarins. And we are all looking forward to an exciting weekend on 24-26 November 2017. You can check out the mentors and jury. Hey, don’t waste time. Grab your ticket now!

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