First Macedonian e-commerce conference

We have repeatedly said that we are building bridges for all who sell online. In the past year, we had the opportunity to build a partnership with the e-commerce Association of Macedonia. Soon after this they organized their first event for which we received an invitation.

The event was divided into 4 main panels. Almost 400 visitors attended and asked interesting questions about e-commerce.

The Macedonian market is very similar to the one in Bulgaria. Owners of e-shops have the same challenges as us. The turnover through e-commerce is about 69 million. Euro, with only 8 million paid for purchases from foreign countries (including Bulgaria).

A poorly developed courier network in remote locations is a problem for retailers. Couriers do their best to open more offices to satisfy the demand.

In addition to clothing and accessories, as well as in Bulgaria – the sale of groceries and food products online is gaining popularity. Skopje already has a big player in this niche.

The government invests heavily on e-government and e-services. That’s why they’re working on the problems of merchants. Unlike in Bulgaria, where certain methods of payment require a cash receipt, in Macedonia it is enough to issue an invoice.

And while we are on the topic of payments, great efforts are being made to widen the implementation of card payments. The youngsters have a great desire to pay so long as the old ones whistle – an eye to see a hand touching. Mobile operators, however, say that about 20% of their customers are using card payments.

The time to cancel and return the goods without questions is 14 days, as long as the package is not damaged.

As an obstacle for the merchants to sell outside the country – especially in the neighboring countries are customs and taxes. They are highlighted because the country is not yet part of the EU, as well as the high fees of the banks for the conversion and servicing of the accounts.

We took photos of Nina Angelkovska, chairman of the Macedonian e-commerce Association, and Didi of Rapido Express and Logistics team.

In the video below you can see the pleasant atmosphere of the event, and with the association itself you can get acquainted by the official web site.

We thank Nina, Philip and Victor from the association for the invite. You can meet them live on the fifth eCommCongress – Dare to Scale on 19th of April in Sofia Event Center.

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