eComm Blitz & Networking

eComm Blitz & Networking

ecommerce networking event


E-motion club, 7pm

On 23 november 2015 was held the first eComm Blitz & Netwokring event in Sofia.

More than 80 people participated in the event. 11 business proffesionals took part in the blitz questions and discussions.

Marketing and ecommerce topics were disscussed, new data from IAB was shered and many more interesting facts related to the industry. 


Many thanks to the major sponsor - OSA marketing solutions and Loyal Travel Bulgaria for the great gift - 2 day SPA adventure in Macedonia.


  • Ognyan Mladenov - SEOM;
  • Peter Dyaksov - Tendrik;
  • Georgi Marinov - ePay.bg;
  • Stoilka Arsova - Borika Bankservice;
  • Alenn Popovich - Chairman BAADK;
  • Nikolay Bakalov - OSA marketing solutions;
  • Stefan Chorbanov - Stenik Group;
  • Marian Ignev - Cloudstrap.io;
  • Ivan Bachvarov - chief secretary Bulgarian custumer protection commision;
  • Dimitar Dimitrov - Inbound.bg;
  • Janet Naydenova - Leader of Research Group, IAB Bulgaria



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