Clothes and sports goods are best ordered online for 2014 in Bulgaria

Looking at the Statistics of the National Statistical Institute for „Type of Products and Services Ordered by Internet Users“ in 2014. it is clear that 73% of the consumers who shop online give their money for clothes and sports goods or, otherwise, about 670 thousand users order the listed item of goods online. It is not by chance that some of the most active players on the Bulgarian online market are segmented in the sale of clothes.

Every day their brands are positioned so that we see them at least once a day. Their attractive suggestions come to us all the time through e-mail, Facebook advertising, TV advertising or billboards. Apparently shopping is no longer fashionable in our busy everyday life.

It’s no accident that part of the big shopping malls are wondering how to fill their retail space, for which the rent goes too high (see more about the advantages of online stores here). The second place in bulk is the data for „Household goods (furniture, toys, etc.)“.

Definitely for less populated places, where stores do not offer such a great deal of robustness, online demand for goods is the easier and sometimes more profitable option.

Third place is the order of „Travel and hotel reservations“. This can largely be explained by suggestions from bulk shopping websites. Tours and holidays are still a big percentage of all offers, and tour operators have realized that it’s easier to get a client online instead of offline.

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