30 окт. 2017

Hristo Petrov – Administrative aspects of the online business

Hristo Petrov – Manager of Golden Vision accounting office shares the administrative requirements for online merchants. Understand when you need to issue a receipt, what the NRA tracks in the work of e-commerce, and other helpful tips on accounting and e-commerce law. See his presentation from eCommBlitz&Networking in October 2017.

30 окт. 2017

Nikola Minkov – SEO commando 2018

See the presentation of Nikola Minkov – manager of the Serpact digital agency from the last eCommBlitz & Networking in Sofia. Understand the trends for 2018. more info about the so-called „Zero result“ and what positives it can bring to you in the video.

25 окт. 2017

Dimitar Georgiev – Biko – Landing pages copywriting for online shops

Dimitar Georgiev – Biko is copywriter in IdeaMAX. In this video he shares good practices on how to write good landing pages for products for online stores. What they should include, how they should be shaped, and what information is useful to readers. See the video.

02 окт. 2017

Practical use of data in e-commerce – lecture by Blagovest Yordanov

Who are the right users for each online store, how to combine the collected information from the different channels. Google Analytics, CRM, ERP, and so on. How to interpret correctly and increase sales in online stores.

02 окт. 2017

How to sell online pharmaceutical products in Bulgaria – lecture by Kamelia Gospodinova

Kamelia Gospodinova – Manager Relationship with Suppliers in Framar – How to sell pharmaceuticals online. What are the legal requirements, what is allowed and what is not. How to recognize counterfeit medicines and sites that distribute them.

02 окт. 2017

NRA and e-commerce – lecture by Vesselin Trifonov

Vesselin Trifonov, Director of the E-Commerce Control Unit at the National Revenue Agency, shares what are the most common cases of online retailers and the agency. How checks are performed on e-merchants, what documents, operations, and methods are used. How to be a good merchant so you do not make fines. Useful advice on selling goods imported from foreign countries, etc. What are the agency’s future projects to facilitate online retailers, and others?

02 окт. 2017

How chatbots will change the world of e-commerce – lecture by Alexander Popov

Alexander Popov, head of the Bulgarian branch of Skyscanner, tells how chatters will change the world in the next 5 years. What they did in Skyscanner to follow the trend, what benefits they add, and how, with Facebook and Skype, they are closer to their customers and increase their trust in the company and its services.

02 окт. 2017

How Shedd has become a favorite place for online shopping – a lecture by Nora Khalonska

Nora Khalonska, PR of OLX and Shedd for Bulgaria, shares the secrets behind Shedd mobile application path to become the preferred tool for shopping for clothing and accessories by young ladies. Different events, absorbing the power of opinion leaders and bloggers, TV advertising and accurate messages are just some of the secrets.

02 окт. 2017

Consumer experiences and customer contact points – lecture by Dimitar Savov

Startup Masters marketing manager Dimitar Savov tells how many places you can engage your customers, how to show them your ad at the right moment, and so on. User experiences can vary from contact points to your brand or product.

02 окт. 2017

Facebook Marketing for Online Merchants – lecture by Peter Dyakov

Peter Dyaxov shares how Facebook marketing and remarketing, audience creation, and proper targeting can be useful to us. This way, customers are exposed at the right time in the right place using the power of social media and Facebook business particular.