04 юни 2018

E-commerce platform migration – Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar Dimitrov from Stenik shares useful tips on cases where it is necessary to change or upgrade the online platform used for e-commerce. What are the underwater stones in this operation, how can you predict the process properly?

04 юни 2018

How does more payment methods have an impact on consumer behavior? – Martin Bogdanov

How does more payment methods have an impact on consumer behavior? Find out more than the presentation of Martin Bogdanov, Paysera Manager at eCommCongress 2018

04 юни 2018

Calltracking – how to track calls from different marketing channels – Pavel Kiossev

How can you track calls from your marketing channels? How to find out where the most new customers come from and what attracts them. Find out from the presentation of Pavel Kiossev – Business Development at Callflow.

04 юни 2018

Cross border b2b e-commerce – Cuneyt Erpolat

How the B2B e-commerce is changing? What is the role of alibaba.com ? How we will make business in the future – in the presentation of Cuneyt Erpolat – country manager Alibaba.com Turkey.

29 май 2018

Next industrial revolution – Monika Miteva

How e-commerce is shaping the future of trade? DHL has some insights that can help us. Watch the presentation of Monika Miteva – S&M Manager DHL Express Bulgaria

29 май 2018

E-commerce automation – Kiril Dinov

How you can benefit of the automatisation in e-commerce process in your business to focus on the important topics like how to get new customers and how to sell to already acquired customers.

29 май 2018

Huston we have GDPR – how changes the e-commerce

Lawyers Biliana Dimitrova and Nikola Kisov discuss what GDPR is and how does it affect e-commerce businesses? The discussion is moderated by the director of the European Consumer Center in Bulgaria – Ignat Arsenov.

29 май 2018

Customer loyalty – how and why – Velizar Velichkov

How can you engage your audience and make them non-stopping shoppers? What are the benefits to have brand ambassadors? Watch in Velizar Velichkov’s presentation at eCommCongress 2018

29 май 2018

Where else can you sell – Georgi Shopov

Georgi Shopov from Web seller guru shares tips to selling in big markets via Shopify, eBay, Amazon and other platforms. Know little bit more for dropshipping and how it works.

24 май 2018

Facebook marketing for e-shops – Ivo Iliev

Ivo Iliev is a digital marketing specialist. In his presentation at eCommCongress 2018 he shares what are good practices for facebook marketing for e-commerce sites. How online shopping can benefit the social media.