3 tips for better photos for online stores

Undoubtedly, good pictures of all kinds of items make them easier to sell, and every online trader wants this – more sales. In this article, we’ll share 3 tips to start taking more of your photos and selling more. Here it may be time to say that you do not need to have the latest camera model or mobile phone (you have read correctly). Just follow some of the tips below and you will see the difference.

1. Let is shine.

Good lighting ensures beautiful details, contrast and colors. When photographing different objects, try to be well lit. If it’s a small object – a photography tent in a set of flashlights or flashlights is a good choice. If the objects are bigger in volume – background and at least 2 softbox will also make your pictures better. Of course, not everyone can invest in such resources first, but a good start would be to take advantage of the sun.

Find the right room with as much natural light as possible. Once you find it, make sure you have something to reflect some of the light. In case you can not buy a professional reflector, you can take a piece of white polystyrene for facade insulation or car reflector (from those that protect the car dashboard). This way, you can bring back some of the light to the subject you are photographing as reflected, and this would soften the shadows and the pictures will look more natural and enjoy the eye.

2. Use models.

In the end, you can buy a dummy and shoot the clothes on it. The body adds shape to the garment, and potential customers can easily get an idea of ​​how a garment or accessory might be. Try to have a contrast to the background. So the focus will be on the model. And you must save in the description the size of the model on which the garment is shot. This will make you even more accurate, and the possibility of returned goods due to a misplaced amount diminishes drastically.
You can sell whole sets instead of single pieces. Then you can go out into the urban environment and take some pictures. We are sure they would be of great interest to potential customers. Especially if they are themed and shot in the right place. Each city has its own unique locations where you can make great photo sessions.

3. Use a tripod.

You will be surprised by its easy use and results. When the camera is on a tripod, you can take less time to process the final frames. You’ll be sure the horizon is always right. You will quickly and easily change the composition, while keeping the proportions of the subjects you are shooting.

You will be able to rotate the object so you can capture the other angles below which it can be seen. Always make the tripod as massive as possible (if you do not shoot out, then this condition is neglected, however the easier the technique is, the easier it is to carry it). This way, when you attach the camera to it, you will be sure that it will not fall off with careless or accidental shuffling even if you attach a heavy lens that greatly changes the center of gravity of the whole set. As a bonus, we’d add – after taking your photos, make collages and share them on social networks. There are many free tools or applications for mobile phones. Here are some of them:

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