The second day is devoted to eCommWorkshops - practical workshops up to 150 people. They will provide you new knowledge  how to optimize and develop your online business in different areas of the e-commerce. See what can fit your business and grab your ticket now.

Copywriting workshop

Good copy = money in the pocket

Learn how to describe your products properly;

Learn how to improve your on page SEO;

Incorporate creativity and visuals to create compelling texts;

Learn how to create great landing pages for your bestsellers;

Create call to action messages that really work;

Be fast - only 30 tickets in sale for this workshop!


loyality workshop

Photography workshop

A picture is worth a thousand words

Learn the secrets of getting great images using everyday technology;

Improve your workflow to make the best of your existing workspace and equipment;

Learn how to prepare your model or items for photoshoot;

The use of proper light is critical to your images can standout;

Tips and tricks for outdoor photoshoot;

Be fast - only 30 tickets in sale for this workshop!

Customer loyalty workshop

Loyal customers are your brand ambassadors

Learn the proper ways to communicate with your customers;

Know the right way how to turn the negative customer experience into returning happy customer;

Make your customers spread the word about your great customer experience;

Be fast - only 30 tickets in sale for this workshop!

Copyright workshop

Data analytics & Tracking Workshop

Big data can reduce costs and increase sales.

Learn how to prepare data analytics & tracking infrastructures;

What tools & features we have and what is coming;

How to set up a tracking infrastructure;

And last but not least - turning data into money;

Be fast - only 30 tickets in sale for this workshop!


Delivery cheat sheet Workshop

Cut costs and added value thru delivery services

Learn why is important to have good logistics partner ;

Improve your workflow to cut the costs for delivery;

Learn how to give added value to the delivery;

Be fast - this workshop is free!

Product Innovation Workshop

Are you market Мaker, or market taker? Let's see!

Apply a top-notch know-how that will Skyrocket your business to the stratosphere.

Strategy & case studies: You are thinking outside the box but you actually never left the box?

Is technology making us stupid? Challenges and opportunities of Big Data.

Master the “fascinating” process of thinking and its consequences to our world & business modeling.

Be fast - this workshop is free!