Ivo Georgiev

Ivo Georgiev

E-commerce specialist, DHL Express

Ivo Georgiev

I am pleased to support the development of the fastest growing market for logistics services, in the company's focus - express deliveries to the world.
Often my clients are not confident of their success due to lack of information on how exactly a delivery occurs. For example, for a country like the US - the largest, and best-selling, our goods.

Ivo Georgiev is E-Commerce Specialist at DHL Express Bulgaria, part of the largest logistics company in the world - Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Takes its position after the launch of the E-Commerce Development Program in Bulgaria, specially developed to meet the ever-growing need for information and logistical support at all levels.

The program is for start-ups, in the fastest growing sector, not only in Bulgaria but also globally.

He has been working actively with new as well as with existing clients for several years. With previous experience in telecommunication services.