Dimitar Georgiev – Biko

Dimitar Georgiev - Biko

Copywriter, IdeaMAX

Dimitar Georgiev - Biko

There, where the others can't.

Dimitar Georgiev - Biko as his name's, is an expert in online guerilla marketing.

He specializes in a wide range of online advertising channels, part of the modern marketing mix. Success, he says, is measured not by positions or by other subjective metrics, but by customer profits.

He has over 8 years experience in SEO, PPC and Copywriting Services, as part of the IdeaMAX digital agency. He likes the really difficult challenges and the toughest niches. While working with multimillion-dollar corporations across Europe and beyond, he admits he prefers to work on the Bulgarian market because business here has a lot to learn in its attitude to online advertising and more importantly, in improving its efficiency.

An immersive, compelling business computing machine that will literally overturn the world and your understanding of online marketing within 120 seconds, Biko is one of the most iconic faces of the IT industry in Bulgaria and, together with its team at IdeaMAX, does not recognize the limitations, in front of which others often bow heads.

He does not recognize certificates and often says that a much better metric of efficiency and skills is the results. It is no secret that it is precisely in this direction that IdeaMAX's slogan, "Where others can not".