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A Ticket allows you to add your project to up to two categories in eCommAwards. You will receive and a double invitation to the Gala Ceremony.

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The winners in the following categories will be announced:

  • Good practice / social responsibility of an electronic merchant of the donor;
  • Mobile e-commerce application of the year;
  • Marketing campaign of an electronic trader of the year;
  • Design and usability of an online store of the year;
  • Innovation in e-commerce of the year;
  • Starting Online Business of the year;

The jury will also deliver:

  • E-tailer of the year;
  • Jury special award;

And the audience will vote for:

  • Audience award;

Event Details

Start date: 22/03/2018

End date: 22/02/2018

Start time: 20:00

End time: 22:00

Venue: Carrusel club

Coordinates: 42.692537, 23.326273

Phone: +359883555030