Category : Presentations

21 May 2018

Instagram Marketing for e-commerce – Viktor Dinev

Victor Dinev, a digital marketing expert at Beyond ID, shares his tips for effective Instagram marketing for online marketers. How online store owners can take advantage of the social network and increase their revenue find out from the presentation.

21 May 2018

Past meets future – Lyubomir Cholakov

How the new technologies are shaping our shopping habits? Why AR, VR, voice shopping and mobile are more and more important in e-commerce? What are doing ASDA, Adidas and Clarins to keep up?

17 May 2018

Cataloging – the forerunner of online commerce – Stanko Yordanov

Why do the catalogs continue to exist, how online stores can benefit from them and where are the points of contact between offline and online. Find out in the presentation of Stanko Yordanov.

17 May 2018

Passport of the e-commerce industry in Bulgaria – Janet Naydenova

Janet Naydenova – President of the Bulgarian e-Commerce Association (BEA), presents the facts and statistics eliciting e-commerce in Bulgaria.

22 May 2017

E-shop site speed and the price – lecture by Sava Sertov

Sava Sertov is a Performance Specialist in eCommerce. His presentation covers the speed of the site – what is fast and what is slow, how to hurry your online store, and what is the tendency to optimize content delivery in the online store.