21 May 2018

Instagram Marketing for e-commerce – Viktor Dinev

Victor Dinev, a digital marketing expert at Beyond ID, shares his tips for effective Instagram marketing for online marketers. How online store owners can take advantage of the social network and increase their revenue find out from the presentation.

21 May 2018

Past meets future – Lyubomir Cholakov

How the new technologies are shaping our shopping habits? Why AR, VR, voice shopping and mobile are more and more important in e-commerce? What are doing ASDA, Adidas and Clarins to keep up?

17 May 2018

Cataloging – the forerunner of online commerce – Stanko Yordanov

Why do the catalogs continue to exist, how online stores can benefit from them and where are the points of contact between offline and online. Find out in the presentation of Stanko Yordanov.

17 May 2018

Passport of the e-commerce industry in Bulgaria – Janet Naydenova

Janet Naydenova – President of the Bulgarian e-Commerce Association (BEA), presents the facts and statistics eliciting e-commerce in Bulgaria.

14 Mar 2018

Grand opening Brussels DHL hub

At the end of February, we had the great pleasure of being among the official guests at the opening of the DHL Express logistics hub in Brussels. The facility, whose construction costs 140 millions euro is located on the territory of the international airport itself. This fact greatly shortens the time for shipment processing. In fact, a package can go from a loading ramp to a delivery ramp to the interior of the country in just 5 minutes. During this […]

09 Mar 2018

How to sell globally – Ilya Kretov, eBay

This week we were at TeComm Expo & Conference in Bucharest. There we’ve met Ilya Kretov – general manager eBay Russia and emerging markets Europe. This is interview with him about the global trade options in front of the sellers. Can you tell us little bit about yourself? Hi, everyone. My name is Ilya Kretov. I’m general manager for Eastern Europe, Nordics and Russia at eBay. I’m based in Moscow and basically I’m developing eBay for buyers and sellers across […]

09 Mar 2018

Winners of eCommAwards 2017

The best representatives of bulgarian e-commerce were  honoured last night at the gala ceremony of eCommAwards 2017 in club Carrusel in Sofia. In the second edition of the contest were 28 contestants decided in 9 categories. With the most awards were honoured ambermatterss.com. They are the winners in categories: E-commerce Design and UX Best ecommerce startup Jury special award. Other project who left with two prizes is ozone.bg for “Best e-commerce marketing” and “E-commerce innovation”. “E-commerce related mobile app” went to the team of  esky.bg. […]

09 Feb 2018

DHL e-commerce award criteria

With eCommAwards approaching, more and more readers are asking us questions – what criteria will the DHL express jury evaluate? Like most of you know this year, one of the awards will be the free shipping of up to 3 shipments per month to anywhere in the world by the end of 2018 (or a total of 30 shipments). Consignments must weigh up to 5 kg. and outside of the International Air transport association’s dangerous goods list. We will send […]

28 Dec 2017

What happened at eCommHackathon

Wow! With this we can sum up the first eCommacketon. 20 contestants participated, 6 ideas were presented, and 5 work continued after the formation of the teams. The competition is organized with the support of Isobar Commerce and DHL Express. What happened at the event? November 24 at 6:30 pm we found with greetings from Lyubomir Cholakov – Managing Director of Isobar Commerce Bulgaria and Lyubomir Stoyanov – Manager of EventsBakery. The scholars have come to know the form, the mentors and […]

28 Dec 2017

Tips for Cyber monday

Black Friday quickly turned into one of the busiest shopping days in Bulgaria, following the example of the larger US market. Cyber Monday also started to become more and more popular as a shopping event. But the two dates may also require different marketing approach. The main differences between the Black Friday marketing and Cyber Monday marketing There are few major ways in which Cyber Monday differs from Black Friday. The first and most known difference is that Black Friday […]