03 Oct 2017

Alibaba launches Tmall in Russia

Alibaba launches b2c platforms Тmall in Russia. The news announced our partners of Ecommerce News. They quote the Russian news channel RT. One of these sources says that the Russian edition of Tmall will be launched within the AliExpress platform. With it’s 15 million users on monthly basis AliExpress is one of the biggest e-shops in Russia. Last year Russian Railways and Russian Post have signed an agreement for the rail transport of mail and small parcels between China and Europe. It’s […]

02 Oct 2017

Practical use of data in e-commerce – lecture by Blagovest Yordanov

Who are the right users for each online store, how to combine the collected information from the different channels. Google Analytics, CRM, ERP, and so on. How to interpret correctly and increase sales in online stores.

02 Oct 2017

Key advantages of online store instead offline

How many vendors around the world have physical stores? Too many to have accurate statistics for that. More importantly, however, technology is developing at a rapid pace, communication devices are more accessible, and Internet access is not only a service to the rich. Consequently, building and maintaining an online store is not that difficult. If you already have: suppliers of goods and established partnership contracts; keep inventory available (and logistics companies are making it much easier); you are registered as […]

02 Oct 2017

Clothes and sports goods are best ordered online for 2014 in Bulgaria

Looking at the Statistics of the National Statistical Institute for “Type of Products and Services Ordered by Internet Users” in 2014. it is clear that 73% of the consumers who shop online give their money for clothes and sports goods or, otherwise, about 670 thousand users order the listed item of goods online. It is not by chance that some of the most active players on the Bulgarian online market are segmented in the sale of clothes. Every day their […]

02 Oct 2017

3 tips for better photos for online stores

Undoubtedly, good pictures of all kinds of items make them easier to sell, and every online trader wants this – more sales. In this article, we’ll share 3 tips to start taking more of your photos and selling more. Here it may be time to say that you do not need to have the latest camera model or mobile phone (you have read correctly). Just follow some of the tips below and you will see the difference. 1. Let is […]

02 Oct 2017

Tips how to monetise abandoned carts and make money

Did you know that you can sell about 30% of unfinished orders in your online store? Did you know that the process can be automated and save you operational time? A simple example – if the average value of one order is 50BGN and you make 10 orders a week and you can make three more orders a week, you can get an extra 7800 per year. (50x3x52 = 7800). Sounds interesting right? Then the following lines are right for […]

02 Oct 2017

How to sell online pharmaceutical products in Bulgaria – lecture by Kamelia Gospodinova

Kamelia Gospodinova – Manager Relationship with Suppliers in Framar – How to sell pharmaceuticals online. What are the legal requirements, what is allowed and what is not. How to recognize counterfeit medicines and sites that distribute them.

02 Oct 2017

NRA and e-commerce – lecture by Vesselin Trifonov

Vesselin Trifonov, Director of the E-Commerce Control Unit at the National Revenue Agency, shares what are the most common cases of online retailers and the agency. How checks are performed on e-merchants, what documents, operations, and methods are used. How to be a good merchant so you do not make fines. Useful advice on selling goods imported from foreign countries, etc. What are the agency’s future projects to facilitate online retailers, and others?

02 Oct 2017

How chatbots will change the world of e-commerce – lecture by Alexander Popov

Alexander Popov, head of the Bulgarian branch of Skyscanner, tells how chatters will change the world in the next 5 years. What they did in Skyscanner to follow the trend, what benefits they add, and how, with Facebook and Skype, they are closer to their customers and increase their trust in the company and its services.

02 Oct 2017

How Shedd has become a favorite place for online shopping – a lecture by Nora Khalonska

Nora Khalonska, PR of OLX and Shedd for Bulgaria, shares the secrets behind Shedd mobile application path to become the preferred tool for shopping for clothing and accessories by young ladies. Different events, absorbing the power of opinion leaders and bloggers, TV advertising and accurate messages are just some of the secrets.