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28 Dec 2017

Tips for Cyber monday

Black Friday quickly turned into one of the busiest shopping days in Bulgaria, following the example of the larger US market. Cyber Monday also started to become more and more popular as a shopping event. But the two dates may also require different marketing approach. The main differences between the Black Friday marketing and Cyber Monday marketing There are few major ways in which Cyber Monday differs from Black Friday. The first and most known difference is that Black Friday […]

19 Nov 2017

Walmart orders 15 Tesla Semi trucks

American giant Walmart ordered 15 Tesla semi trucks. The news comes shortly after Ellen Musk officially introduced the new electric miracle in the automotive industry. At a special ceremony, Tesla Semi and the new Tesla Roadster were shown. The last mentioned picks up from 0 to 100 km. in 1,9 seconds. The empty semi, on its part, accelerates from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds, which is an extremely enviable result even for many new car models. Walmart says they […]

13 Nov 2017

$25.3 billion for Alibaba in single day. Here’s how the shopping festival went.

For another year, Alibaba breaks all sales records in its so-called “Single’s day” as the turnover of goods sold through the various channels of the company exceeds $25 billion. For reference last year’s revenue was just under $18 billion for the same day. According to the company’s official newsroom, $1 billion of goods have been sold in the first two minutes. The total number of orders is over 812 million in this day. The Alipay payment processor handled 325,000 payments […]

06 Nov 2017

Retail and Ecommerce Innovation Ideas to Support at eCommHackathon 2017

eCommHackathon is coming in 2 weeks and we are so excited about it! Today we speak with Lyubomir Cholakov – General manager of Isobar commerce Bulgaria to share with us what ideas can be embraced to the event. – Hi, Lyubo! It’s great that you support us. Can you tell us about your mood? – I am excited to be part of the team to organize the first ecommerce hackathon on Bulgaria supported by Isobar Commerce and DHL. We’ll make sure you […]

30 Oct 2017

Hristo Petrov – Administrative aspects of the online business

Hristo Petrov – Manager of Golden Vision accounting office shares the administrative requirements for online merchants. Understand when you need to issue a receipt, what the NRA tracks in the work of e-commerce, and other helpful tips on accounting and e-commerce law. See his presentation from eCommBlitz&Networking in October 2017.

30 Oct 2017

5 promo tickets for Digital4Plovdiv

Led by the mission to our readers to get as much information from the world of e-commerce, good practices and know-how, we have decided that we should note the more interesting events in Bulgaria. It is precisely for this reason that we are also selling tickets for these events at promotional prices that will be lower only for those who buy them through our network. Accept it as a bonus to you by us. The first such event is Digital4Plovdiv. […]

30 Oct 2017

Nikola Minkov – SEO commando 2018

See the presentation of Nikola Minkov – manager of the Serpact digital agency from the last eCommBlitz & Networking in Sofia. Understand the trends for 2018. more info about the so-called “Zero result” and what positives it can bring to you in the video.

25 Oct 2017

Dimitar Georgiev – Biko – Landing pages copywriting for online shops

Dimitar Georgiev – Biko is copywriter in IdeaMAX. In this video he shares good practices on how to write good landing pages for products for online stores. What they should include, how they should be shaped, and what information is useful to readers. See the video.

03 Oct 2017

Alibaba launches Tmall in Russia

Alibaba launches b2c platforms Тmall in Russia. The news announced our partners of Ecommerce News. They quote the Russian news channel RT. One of these sources says that the Russian edition of Tmall will be launched within the AliExpress platform. With it’s 15 million users on monthly basis AliExpress is one of the biggest e-shops in Russia. Last year Russian Railways and Russian Post have signed an agreement for the rail transport of mail and small parcels between China and Europe. It’s […]

02 Oct 2017

Practical use of data in e-commerce – lecture by Blagovest Yordanov

Who are the right users for each online store, how to combine the collected information from the different channels. Google Analytics, CRM, ERP, and so on. How to interpret correctly and increase sales in online stores.